Do you really think you know Milan?
Well, you definitely do not know Milano Secrets!

Walk out of the usual streets, quit your habitual paths and join us to take alternative ways.
You are going to see our city in a very fresh and unique way, what Milan is hiding, that turns out to be an exciting experience with us.

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We introduce ourselves:

Her heart is in the kitchen and her head in the web: she is our creative manager, and her job consists in turning the plenty of ideas flashing through our minds into projects and words.

Intuitive, dynamic, a perfectionist: she is our communication manager. She has a natural disposition for carrying out your communication projects in the best way with a natural grace.

Her job - her passion first of all -  is that of finding out the most uncommon places in the city: Web and htmls are her daily bread: she is our web master, and the height of her ambition is to issue all our creations on line.

We introduce our team workers:

An explosion of liveliness. All curls and joy!
The graphic output from her mouse is exactly as she is:  explosive.

Their mission is that of illustrating the web site with irony and a daring twist. When they have got pencils and colours in their hands the world looks immediately better!