I've gotta tell you, absolutely, too funny…

This morning I left home very early with young Dino to take his elder sister Nina to school.

On my way home, despite the cold weather, I told myself: Why not take him to the playground near home?

The sweet side of the mum in me was hoping waking up so early had been worth while, for the boy as well.
And at that time in the morning swings would be free for sure!

Well, I was wrong!
Swings were free … but  - under the swings -  five people were lying on the ground, in their exercise suit.
A trainer was standing in front of them, yelling like a madman, urging them to bend more forward, shouting Don't give in!
Sweat freely… promising them fantastic Brazilian-style buttocks.

I suddenly felt myself mid in a scene of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman, although Richard Gere was not there with me!

Dino and me felt like a fish out of water, but at the same time these new playground guests appealed to us a lot, and we made soon friends with them.
After chatting with the Gentleman, ops!, beg your pardon! - with the trainer (the others were out of breath…), we found out that this is Bootcamp - “Marines' Training Course”.

BOOTCAMP Beat IT System® assures us to get super fit after “only” a six weeks' intense training, by hard running, bending, by sprints and abdominal exercises.
Intense training in small groups, strictly carried out in the open air, good both for your body and your self-esteem.

Presently we have only watched them from a far distance, quite sceptical indeed, but the thought of toning up our body without giving up pizza and pasta is flattering enough… maybe we'll be there too lying under the swings, in our camouflage combat suit, made-up in the Rambo style, when we next leave home early in the morning!

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