In a word: pilates!

Pick up a male guy, good-looking, Mediterranean look, a muscular body, just the way it should be.
Pick up a female guy (one of … us!), quite lazy, not so fond of physical exertion, not inclined at all to sport activities.
Put them together in a room equipped with a varied apparatus and get them to talk to each other for about fifty minutes.
No sweat, no tears, no obsessive repetitions: just a bit of an effort, the right one, the healthy one - a high  concentration instead which helps us free our mind from any other thought.

In a word: pilates!

It's no longer just a fashion, it's become a certitude by now and is practised by athletes and dancers alike, but also by many ordinary people of different ages wanting to feel better without going to overcrowded gyms which are getting busier and busier and more and more anonymous.
You can keep fit, you recover your nimbleness, you can train for a jogging or bike marathon or for a cross-country skiing competition.   

It is the ideal exercise before and after a birth, to tone up and stretch your muscles, to stand well straight as it's suitable for high-class women as we all are.
His name is Raffaele, and he has got one single fault … he is married! ;-)

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