Yes, we know: Corso Garibaldi is definitely not the street we would suggest for high-level food and for a good quality-price ratio.
The other way round! But every now and then some exceptions peep out, and we are there to spot them!

That's the case of this delicatessen's shop equipped with a kitchen, overfilled with a top selection of produce coming from the Parma area, the exception proving the rule.

Throw yourselves on the trenchers with the rich selection of salami teamed up with gnocco fritto: you're gonna enjoy it to the utmost!
Later you can also later give in to the temptation of delicious main courses, hand-made noodles served with sauces which will make your mouth water!
You've had enough but you're gonna prolong your joy?
Go straight on to the counter and pick up what you liked most, to take away home so that your tasty experience can be carried on.  

Parma & Co
Via Delio Tessa 2 angolo Corso Garibaldi
Tel. 02 89096720

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