Stop with books!

Everyone of us has got a tablet and an e-reader and can purchase the whole number of the latest publications by simply clicking online, reading everywhere we like what we like, thus avoiding carrying heavy books in our new bag, even running the risk of damaging it.

Why on earth should you waste your time on a visit to a book-shop?

Because we need it - that's our answer, and because the book-shop we have found out by entering the new location of the “bookshop of the hurt world” is able to provide you with something no electronic device is ever capable of giving.

A place full of magic, peaceful and inspiring  … the meeting place to think, to chat, to share something with others, and not only to buy.
There you can re-enjoy watching a cover, touching it, weighing it and sensing the magic and evocative smell of paper.

Books are present there in a big number and are meant for the whole family. Inside, a small cafeteria will be opened in late March and will be offering both sweet and salty food.

Just outside the location the amazing Santissima Trinità pedestrian area, where you might like to sit down and start reading the newly discovered book, peacefully enjoying the first Spring sun rays.       

Libreria del Mondo Offeso
Via Cesare Cesariano, 7
Tel. 02 3652 0797

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