Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

Milan is a nice city: if you take your time and raise your eyes you'll find out most charming corners, and if you are able to forget traffic and its frenzied pace you'll discover it is a wonderful art city.

Watching at it from a different point of view is certainly worth while.

So, here you go with a new section of MilanoSecrets: you'll walk along the shopping trails with a new twist, artistic and cultural, and you'll soon become the best-informed, the most attentive and the most stylish of your group. Of course (but this is a secret we won't disclose to anybody) we're going to pick up only those palaces, churches, monuments and museums which are located close enough to cool shops and windows!

We love culture, but … our wardrobe deserves attention too!

Our art pieces are written by Fabio, a passionate fan of art matters and a great Milanese walker, but all references of some significance are validated and confirmed by MilanoSecrets!

A Saturday off and a culturally smart man with you?
The only way to share some time with him without getting bored and above all without running the risk to come home fully content with art but holding no bags and packs in your hands, is the following: why don't you suggest visiting the Ambrosiana?

Before and after you'll certainly have the right for a shopping tour in the neighbourhood!

Our first stop are definitely Wait and See, half way between Concept Store and the Parisian Colette, also sort of Anthropologie in New York … a real not-to-be-missed place you can't but go and see and Carla Saibene Atelier, have a look at the latest collection.
Before leaving home, have a look at Fabio's info piece about Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana: you'll wow your intellectual partner who will find in you the perfect fellow mate.

You can't say you really appreciate and catch  Milan's soul if you haven't paid your visit to Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

Founded by Federico Borromeo in 1608 with the aim of establishing there the eminent place for culture and beauty in the city, it clearly appears to the visitors as a dream come true.
It is located quite close to the Duomo, in Piazza Pio XI, and is hosted in a wonderful palace and in the complex of the small Holy Sepulchre basilica.
It is allegedly known to everyone that the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo is kept in it, and, before Napoleon's dispossession, the whole collection of the manuscripts by the genius from Vinci was kept there.
Each month some sheets from the Codex are exhibited to the public: just a glance is enough to be struck dumb and be moved by such a great amount of intelligence, accuracy, curiosity and research which flourished in this beautiful mind hundreds of years ahead of his most enlightened successors.
A real myth. If you look around you'll spot hundreds of thousands of books, ancient and most precious for the most part. The Pinacoteca, partitioned into many rooms, is a collection of a great number of art works and items: a striking collection of Madonnas with Child from the XIV and XV centuries, the preliminary cartoons for the Athens School by Raffaello, the Magi Adoration by Tiziano and the Fruit Basket by Caravaggio - just to mention only a few.
The location is also remarkable in itself: magnificent floorings from marble granolithic and from decorated parquet, coffered wood ceiling, wonderful stained-glass windows, mosaics and columns decorating some of the rooms, the Medusa room, the Column Room, the Dantesque Studio.
And further to that the refined courtyards, accurately and neatly  designed. And lastly the Basilica, a replica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
A timeless place of faith, culture and beauty, suspended in a frenzied city. Worth visiting!

And later?
Some refreshment is needed after the full immersion into culture? Take a stroll along Via Spadari and you'll be duly refreshed through the unusual juices and the delicious mignon sandwiches at OttimoMassimo.
A peaceful corner in the core of downtown: take a break listening to classic music and enjoying the plain wood texture: you'll even find a tree in the middle of the room!
Last but not least buy some "cannoncini" at Panarello.

Biblioteca Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
Piazza Pio XI, 2
Tel. 02 806921

Wait and See
Via Santa Marta, 14,
Tel. 02 7208 0195

Carla Saibene Atelier
Via San Maurilio 20


Via Victor Hugo 3 ang. Via Spadari
tel. o2 49457661


Via Speronari, 3
Tel. 02 86462264

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