Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore

Milan is a nice city: if you take your time and raise your eyes you'll find out most charming corners, and if you are able to forget traffic and its frenzied pace you'll discover it is a wonderful art city.

Watching at it from a different point of view is certainly worth while.

So, here you go with a new section of MilanoSecrets: you'll walk along the shopping trails with a new twist, artistic and cultural, and you'll soon become the best-informed, the most attentive and the most stylish of your group. Of course (but this is a secret we won't disclose to anybody) we're going to pick up only those palaces, churches, monuments and museums which are located close enough to cool shops and windows!

We love culture, but … our wardrobe deserves attention too!

Our art pieces are written by Fabio, a passionate fan of art matters and a great Milanese walker, but all references of some significance are validated and confirmed by MilanoSecrets!


It is located in Corso Magenta on the corner of  Via Luini, and not by chance, considering that it is one of the most charming area of the city, most rich in historical heritage: it is the Church of San Maurizio at the Great Monastery, which once hosted one of the major female monasteries belonging to the Benedictine order.

Some records of the church date back to the Carlovingian era.
It was mainly built on relevant Roman constructions which can be still visited by walking down to the crypts of the church itself or entering the adjacent archaeological museum.

The church as we can see it today was built in 1503 according to Alessandro Bentivoglio's will, Ippolita Sforza's husband.
The inner part of the small church is divided into two portions: the public was not allowed to get access to the rear one which was reserved to the nuns only.

The walls are all covered with wonderful frescos, so beautiful and colourful that it is called “the small Cappella Sistina in Milan”.

The paintings are mostly the work by Bernardino Luini, a renowned painter of the age, and of his pupils. Also some works by Antonio Campi from Cremona have been acknowledged, the representative of a famous family of most known painters belonging to the Lombardy school, alongside some works by the members of the painting school from Forlì, the pupils of the famous painter Melozzo da Forlì.
On the rear side it is possible to admire an amazing mechanically operated original organ dating back to 1554.
San Maurizio is really a gem in the city, unfortunately not so known to many.

Only rarely can we find it open to the public, and this occurs mainly thanks to the volunteers' contribution of the Italian Touring Club.

Is your artistic sweat now over? You well deserve a shopping session!

And you'll be only spoilt for choice in this area!
Orsetta Mantovani and Michi Thumb will help you refresh your wardrobe, whereas the jewels from the time-tested Pellini will lend a new shine to your complexion and will embellish both your hands and arms with a profusion of semiprecious stones and colours.

Your home will be cared for instead by Foglie, flowers and fancy, located in Via Brisa 15.

And since you are there, you can't but stop for a nutritional break in one of the iconic restaurants of the most classical Milan: the Brisa, and that's all.

Do you need a cake to recover from the tough day? Slip easy into Pasticceria Galdina in Via Terraggio, 9.
The tour is now complete!

Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
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Orsetta Mantovani
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Michi Thumb
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corso Magenta 11
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Foglie, fiori e fantasia
Via Brisa, 15  
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La Brisa
Via Brisa, 15
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Pasticceria Galdina
nel cortile di Via Terraggio 9
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