Basilica di San Simpliciano

Milan is a nice city: if you take your time and raise your eyes you'll find out most charming corners, and if you are able to forget traffic and its frenzied pace you'll discover it is a wonderful art city.
Watching at it from a different point of view is certainly worth while.
So, here you go with a new section of MilanoSecrets: you'll walk along the shopping trails with a new twist, artistic and cultural, and you'll soon become the best-informed, the most attentive and the most stylish of your group. Of course (but this is a secret we won't disclose to anybody) we're going to pick up only those palaces, churches, monuments and museums which are located close enough to cool shops and windows!

We love culture, but … our wardrobe deserves attention too!

Our art pieces are written by Fabio, a passionate fan of art matters and a great Milanese walker, but all references of some significance are validated and confirmed by MilanoSecrets!


San Simpliciano lies in Corso Garibaldi, the ancient road which led from Milan to Como, now one the most fashionable area in the city.
It is one of the oldest  early Christian city's basilicas. It was built in the IV century upon St Ambrose's will, the then patron of Milan, the capital of the Western Roman Empire.
It looks sober though impressive, it's over twenty meters high in its structure and features a perfect Latin-cross plan, eighty x forty meters in size. It looks typically plain outside and severe on account of its Lombard brick cladding; likewise it looks extremely spare inside. Despite the necessary and obvious restoration works carried out in the course of the centuries, San Simpliciano has kept unaltered the charm typical of all ancient churches.
In May 1176 the Carroccio of the Lombard League left right from here: its knights would run into and defeat the Emperor Federico Barbarossa near the town of Legnano. A  historical event of great significance.

Before visiting the Church a tea is definitely a must to be enjoyed with a cupcake - they have become a real craze by now!  - in the cosy and scented di Viole di Liquerizia.
Get close to the counter and pick up your favourite among the plenty of proposals on display and, before leaving, do not forget to stock up on … liquorice, of course, which is simply delicious here, the ideal sweet to nibble when you are idling around (and more to the point, it is a liquorice low in calories, so no problem for your diet!).
If you feel like having a tasty and reinvigorating salami plate after the visit, though, you should really go to Parma&Co, where you will taste the best the Italian niche production can offer, selected as it is by a real salumi freak who will disclose delicious and never-enjoyed-before tastes for you.
You can have your salumi board served at the table or take away your package from the counter: a real salumi deli shop which can even morph into the ideal place to enjoy a high aperitif or a Modena-style romantic dinner.
Just few steps from the charming Brera neighbourhood you'll get to Small Things, a cool concept store of garments, accessories and shoes, all accurately made by the shop's owner in full Sixties' style. You'll be spoilt for choice, and this is the only flip side of the store you can spend hours inside to dig up the smartest item to show off at your next aperitif.
And just before getting back home?
Make sure you will not want for a wonderful flower bunch in Frida's shop overfilled with blossoms, a not-to-be-missed-at-all botanical gem which will soon lend your home a more glamorous twist.

Tired? Oh yes, you are. You've learned a lot? Yes, you have!

San Simpliciano
Piazza San Simpliciano, 7

di Viole di Liquerizia
Via Madonnina 10

Via d. tessa 2 ang. Corso Garibaldi

Small Things
Via Ponte Vetero 15

Frida's Fiori
Corso Garibaldi 18

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