Tourists in our city

Are your holidays yet merely a memory, either close or distant, but definitely a faded one as well as your summer sparkle?
We all share the same feeling! But to fight the return home frustration - why not choose a place where art and culture are happily married with our desire to stay in the open a bit longer, figuring out to be able to spend some more hours in one of our most beloved summer destinations?

Villa Necchi Campiglio welcomes us in its rigorously rationalist ambience for a refined garden tea party or for an aperitif in the shade of its lush green.
Meet there after office time and you will find out the history of Milan in the '30s and '40s, plunging into the rooms of a real masterpiece designed by the architect Portaluppi, unchanged as it has been kept up to our days, featuring state halls and functional service rooms as well.
A different way to spend our remaining summer days, pretending to be tourists in our own (beloved) city.        

Caffetteria Villa Necchi Campiglio
open every day 10 to 18
Via Mozart 12

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