A mum, a friend and a book

Can you think of any better way of being happy?
She might actually not be your mum, however she has your life's most beautiful day at heart; as far as the friend is concerned, she's indeed a photographer, and the book deals with nobody else than you … So, here you go with the three key ideas for your dream wedding!

The planner-mum is half way between the calm and serene deputy of your own hysterical mum and the professional though detached wedding planner.
A quiet lady who will be able to lead you, advise you, help you keep cool and pamper you so that each single detail shall be taken care of in the most faultless way, from your hope chest to the tiny cones to put the party rice into. She can boast about a time-tested decade-long expertise, has met  brides of all types and has helped them all, thus resolving even the most genuine attacks of nerves through sound judgement and empathy.

Do you think that the pictures made by a professional photographer are far too expensive, but on the other hand you don't trust either unskilled people or your guests' amateurish cameras to immortalize the high moment of your “I do”?
Raffaella will take excellent pictures of you, will shortly make your album ready on her own and will perform almost invisibly during the wedding.
Isn't that enough to turn her into your best friend?

Which is the last memory your guests are supposed to take with them once the party is over?
Well, you know, the bonbonnières.
No one likes them, they get inevitably binned as soon as guests leave the restaurant, but nevertheless all newly-weds keep buying them and giving them out.
You don't want to break traditional rules but you want to go alternative, you know.
Well, throw silver photo holders away! It's high time you chose a totally new bonbonnière which can really mirror your soul.
It is one of L'écrit's proposals: your wedding book, where all of your favourite writers' pieces, your beloved singers and poets are collected, telling something more on your love.

Still waiting for the ring from him? Come on, get organized, summon up all your sex appeal and get him to do it, by hook or … by crook! Of all the rest we have already taken care!

All's been arranged but the location, hasn't it?
Your bio-faith is strong, and even on your wedding day everything shall be as green as possible?
Villa Calini is just outside town enough to turn it into an exotic place in a Milanese's eyes, and the patron chef working there selects his basic ingredients most accurately.  Not to mention the whole setting which is worth big events indeed!

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