Craving for bagels

The first I had was in Berlin, and soon I resolved I would try to make it at home too. I did, and it tasted good enough, but it had nothing to do with the soft ring-shaped bread fully sprinkled with small seeds I had enjoyed under the steel vault in Potsdamer Platz.
Later I ate them in New York: quite gummy the ones you get on the stalls, delicious indeed at brunch time at Waldorf's, totally greased with butter and lovely crisp at Starbucks'. 
It was later the turn of Paris, but I must say that the French ones did not particularly strike me, as they didn't in Italy either.
Finally, a few days ago, I had the vision: Milan too has got a shop totally focused on my latest passion, bagels! and even the entire palette of any possible bagel versions is there on tap!

The shop,  fully American style from the windows onwards, is the ideal target place for the craziest fans who will find here thousand and one versions of the ring-shaped bread with a hole in the mid American people are so fond of: they make an immoderate use of it  and from breakfast to after-dinner time.
A born take-away food, bagels are served here too in handy containers so that you can enjoy them while walking along Naviglio or through the nice Sant'Eustorgio park which is located just a stone's throw from there.
A sunny day, your favourite book, an extra large American coffee cup and your chicken-avocado bagel: can you think of any possible cooler way of living cosmopolitan?  

I'm going to write down for you the recipe for home-made bagels in the event you might like to make them by yourself - in a fit of madness!

Ingredients and quantities per 10 pieces:
500 g all-purpose flour
100 g butter
60 g sugar
30 g brewer's yeast
2 eggs

Mix sugar and butter well into a cream, add the two egg yolks and the yeast previously dissolved in half glass lukewarm water.
Knead until smooth and then add egg whites whisked until stiff, stirring from down the bottom upwards to prevent the whites from going runny.
Stir in flour, mix carefully and let the dough rest for approximately two hours.
Knead again quickly and shape into sausages, then into small ring-shaped cakes.
Place them well apart on a clean, slightly floured cloth and let rest in a lukewarm place for a further hour.
Drop bagels into boiling water  (2-3 at a time).
When bagels float to the surface remove bagels and place them on a clean towel to dry up. Place on a baking pan and bake for about 40 minutes at 200 degrees until golden brown.  
Preparation time: 50 minutes + resting time
Baking time: 50 minutes

(in case of failure, you might always consider slipping into the shop and pass their most delicious bagels made by professional cooks as your freshly baked creations…) 

Piazza XXIV Maggio 1/8
tel 02 39811951

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Corso di Porta Vittoria 46

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