I do like it!

When you go Chinese, and that is particularly true for Milan, you too often risk to end up in a place which is unfriendly, possibly not so tidy, offering a choice of food overdosed on glutamate. So, when you find a good one, you'd better record the address.

But, if we didn't share our discovery with you, what sort of friends would we be for you?

Here we are then, ready to test and approve (for the umpteenth time!) Mandarin 2 with its rich palette of delicious fried and crispy starters, its super delicious chicken with turnip tops and ginger, featuring that much cared-of Chinese industrial look…

Both the owners and the waiters  - so our friend Caterina - “can speak Milanese better than me” as they have been living long in the city, which has turned them into real Milanese people.

Nevertheless they have kept in their dishes the memory of one of the best culinary traditions in the world.
And they are able to respect, reinterpret and offer it with their usual kindness, ready to make up for decades of spoilt recipes.      

Ristorante Mandarin 2
Via Benvenuto Garofalo, 22a
Tel 02 266 4147

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