Mangiari di Strada - Street Foods


A visionary chef, a young resolute woman and the alchemy you can only create in a kitchen: what comes out is a mozzarella in carrozza which is terrific, a loaf of bread and chickpea fritters you can hardly find even in Palermo, a lampredotto (a beef tripe dish from Florence) which is worth the best ever tripe-seller from Florence….

All this gathered under the same sign. 

It's called Mangiari di Strada (Street Foods), but only the concept is drawn from the street, and the food as well: all the rest is design, with an interior only an architect can devise and an exterior which a fully equipped beach couldn't but envy.

The only con? Unless you live in the neighbourhood, the long drive up to Lorenteggio and the opening hours: they are only open for lunch and they are closed on Sundays. 
Anyway it's a not-to-be-missed venue for your lunch out if you're gonna give vent to your street food desire: you won't get any cooler place in this Milan Summer, will you?   

Photo by oddproduzioni

Mangiari di Strada
Via Lorenteggio, 269 
Phone 02 415 0556

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