Al Fresco


No other name would be more appropriate for the new restaurants coming up in Milan as it perfectly fits this wide fresh and harmonious venue, in the Provencal style but not too much, which we do love a lot.

If Milanosecrets was to have a seat, it definitely would look like this room: light colours, flax fabrics, a bit of vintage taste which is not a bad thing, small meadow flowers and candle lights.

With springtime approaching, you can also enjoy the nice dehor with your friends and the freshness of green.

What else? You can eat in there, yeah! And the food choice is wide offering both mainstream and creative dishes which are a perfect juxtaposition with the ambience all around.

If you like the kind, consider there is also an area with tables and stools from which you can watch the people working in the kitchen while tasting their most delicious plates.

Al Fresco
Via Savona, 50
Tel 02 4953 3630

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