On Sundays at Granny's

Fed up with the usual brunch?
So we are, the breakfast/lunch mix in the Anglo-Saxon style is no longer up-to-date!

How can you compare a nice full-Italian-style Sunday with it, in Granny's good and comfortable sitting room, the one furnished with old cupboards and Formica tables dating back to the 50's?
Intimate ambience, small bouquets made with aromatic herbs as centerpieces, traditional dishes selected from the rich household recipe collection, featuring of course the must-eat cappelletti, the boiled hen and a time-tested baked cake. 

Is Granny the Master Cook on a cruise in the Caribbean, conquered by an English adventurer? 

Here you go with an alternative one we've found out for you, who chose to be based in Milan right to the purpose of recreating that warm atmosphere which family meals only - by now outdated though unforgotten  - can convey to the lost souls of restless Milanese people always in a hurry.

Aromando has been recently opened, and it has soon been awarded the title of our “favourite“ Granny, so this restaurant has become the right place where to spend the coming holidays and where you can drop in during the week as well, when you do need cuddles and a warmest hug.

And, why not, once back from the South Seas, we'll take there Granny (in flesh and blood) too!     

Aromando Bistrot
via Moscati 13
Tel 02 3674 4172

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