Fusion, taste it!

I love Chinese Spring roulades. I hate Chinese restaurants, how terrible!
What about having a sushi? Raw fish? Never in my life!
I had chicken with coconut milk - really delicious! If you are thinking of taking me to eat junk food where fruit and fish or meat come together in a terrible mix, I'll kill you!

Have we run mad? No, we haven't. We have only told about a usual conversation on a Saturday evening when it's time to pick up a restaurant for dinner.

Whether you are a couple, in a group, with friends or with your family, the different tastes will hardly match, and the Japan-food victim, shot down with sashimi and seaweed, is every time shushed by those looking back nostalgically to the latest travel to Thailand or those retro fashioned who are still stuck to the only ethnic passion they have, the fly-blown all- Western “Chinese” food.

Trying to get everyone to agree? Yes, at Blue Ginger you can!

If you are looking for an ethnic restaurant, be sure you'll find here plenty of them, all together.
Warm-welcoming, fashionable enough, definitely delicious, this restaurant is 'fusion cuisine' above all! (And this is a feature which makes it the perfect place for a dinner shared with many friends, each of them having her own worldwide famous food dislikes and her unfathomable dietary dictates). 

Train hard with chopsticks and show off your skills and multi-ethnicity when the menu comes which you'll have certainly looked accurately through before going out, visiting the net to learn about the dishes you didn't know.
And if chopsticking - trying to pick up as many rice grains as possible with the two ends  - is definitely not your cup of tea, just slip the chopsticks into your hair: your friends will certainly appreciate how tough your attempts have been.

Blue Ginger
viale Carlo Troya, 22
Tel. 02 47718603

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