Corey's Soul Chicken


Manu, Anna and me share a lot of passions.
One of these is cooking in all its multifarious facets: looked at, already made, tasted above all.

Sometimes however, we too, worn out by the hectic daily schedule and terribly tired for that, we too give in to the take-away temptation.

God bless the English people who invented and exported this food concept!
A bit fed up with the usual pizza, kebab, Nippon-China food  and hamburgers, we have dug out a brand new venue - really delicious - located in Via Paolo Sarpi: Corey's soul chicken, fried chicken.

After a career as a model and as a singer, Corey made up his mind on opening this tiny and nice restaurant in town where he could unleash his creativity.
He took the recipe from his Granny, born in Kentucky of course.
Fried chicken, wings and breasts, teamed up with delicious typical side dishes. 
You can either taste it on the spot or you can take it away home just as we did.

A sure success in your family and with your friends.

Corey's Soul Chicken
Via Paolo Sarpi, 53
Tue - Sun 11,30- 14,30 / 18,30- 23,00
Closed on Mondays
Tel. 02 842.129.963

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