Long live the diners

Long live the 50's and the diners!
If you have been to the USA at least once in your life, you've certainly met with the most classic diner: a very inspiring place for us citizens of old Europe, accustomed as we are to eating in ordinary restaurants, with table cloths, cutlery and pictures hanging from the walls.

Ambience features greatly in the diner instead, whereas bon ton is totally banned.
You can sit at the counter and eat there, with your hands, staining yourself with the biggest sandwiches and drinking unhealthy fizzy drinks.

And for a close what's better than a cheesecake while sitting on glittering red high stools, all around old pictures in the sheerest rock'n'roll style.

Well no, you don't have to take the plane to enjoy such a great evening.

Dennis opened some weeks ago, and from then on the Isola looks much different. You want to be among the first to make the discovery?

Get there soon, they're waiting for you!           


Dennis KD House
Via Thaon di Ravel 3
392 097 2268

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