Isa e Vane


The catering business and the lab connected to it were wearing thin for these two enthusiastic girls, and they eventually came up with the idea of enlarging their already well running enterprise rather than simply being content with it.
So they kicked-off a venue which opens at breakfast time and closes at night, just in the wake of the very Milanese “everything-at-every-time” trend, so cool at present.

We've found it out thanks to the great oenologist Dan Lerner who supplies them with a series of top range wines, and the two girls soon appealed to us, the vintage flooring of the venue as well which lends a unique twist to the ambience and is itself worth a visit.

The food, which is light and geared at catering to the needs of the more and more intolerant Milanese people - though not giving up taste, rounds off the offer.

If we knew for sure they wouldn't feel offended, we would name the place a “creamery” just to use a term of former days, which fits it perfectly in our opinion: home intimacy, simple things, enthusiasm, intended imperfection. If it's not yet clear to you - we like it!


Isa e Vane - la cucina 2013
Via Perugino, 1
Tel. 02.36515288

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