Lile is in the kitchen

The nice, intimate ambience of your sitting room at home.
The plain and understated design of the Northern decoration.
The suffused light cast by a thousand candles.
The refined and tasty dishes of the kind your Auntie, a superb cook, could spoil you with.
The relaxed environment and the accurate service which is worth a top class restaurant, though without the stress and the snootiness you perceive in a top class restaurant.

It's “Lile in cucina”, Emanuela's favourite venue and by now it's ranked high in the top ten restaurants of the MilanoSecrets staff.

For a romantic evening or for a dinner among dear friends longing for nice chats - this is the right place to be. But please, do not spread the information too much.

It's a quite hidden and discreet place, off the standard “Drink-off-Milan” networks … It rather fits into our standards for off-the-grid places.            

Lile in cucina
Via Giucciardini 5
tel 02 49632629

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