Mantra Raw Vegan


Trust us please: raw food is the newest frontier of the coolest way of eating in Milan!

2015 will be the year in which all that is raw, from design to food up to the fashion world, will be very trendy. But what do you really know about raw food? As we do, very little indeed.

So, let’s trust those who have been studying it for long and turned this knowledge into a restaurant some days ago!

This is going to be the shrine of the Milanese raw food, considering these people have got the latest juice extractor you can ever imagine and have understood that “raw” is definitely healthier and better, in particular when we speak about vegetables, fruits and similar food.

Find out all about this way of cooking which is only apparently easy, served in a place located in one of the trendiest areas.
You will be certainly cool and, most allegedly, you’ll do good to yourself too.  

Mantra Raw Vegan
Via Panfilo Castaldi 21


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