I have been terribly feeling like having a kebab meal for some weeks. But not any kebab whatsoever ...

I would like something more, I would like to be allowed to pick up the stuffing myself - and then I would like to eat it nicely sitting down at a table and not perched on those most uncomfortable stools.

Just the time to focus on how deep my desire is - and here you go with Mariù: a successful match of Italian genius and typical Middle-East specialities.

The main principle is that of fast-food, but the ingredients are top quality and what's more we can combine them as we like most.
Come closer to the food counter and make your order: you will be called soon after and you will be given your delicacy ready to be enjoyed at one of the white and yellow tables.

You hate meat? Also the veg version is on tap! You can't but taste all possible variations now. 

Mariù - kebbaberia gastronomica
Viale Sabotino 9
Tel 02 58433013
open every day
from 12,30 to 15
from 19,30 to 00

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