Osteria Nassa


Feeling a stronger and stronger desire to spend your time at the seaside?

Your feet plunged in the sand, your sight sweeping over the broad horizon across the rising waves: does it still sound like a mirage?  
Even in Milan you can live the illusion to be in holiday!
What you just need is a bit of imagination and the right place to be, but above all a sea-inspired menu which sounds most convincing.

That's why we have dug out a small nice restaurant placed in an off-downtown though favourably positioned quarter where you can go and taste the best day-fresh fish (did you know that in Milan you can find the freshest fish ever in Italy?).
Imagination is your task, but the real and delicious fish-based plates are the creation of the Chef Maurizio di Prima.
The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, is itself an exciting new experience if you choose from the regular cart from Monday through Saturday or from the two themed menus adding to the main proposal.

Osteria Nassa
Via Donatello, 22
tel. 02 266848103

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