Which pasta would you like?

This is the dish par excellence, the hallmark of the grand Italian cookery: you can't live without it!
Pasta is really an institution of ours, a conditio sine qua non item in our lunch and dinner menus.

When you are on a diet you feel terribly sad when you have to give up eating it, and only few people manage to do it.
The 'no carbo' prospect invariably clashes with a delicious dish of paccheri with tomato sauce, of stuffed ravioli sautéed in butter you could run mad about, a soup plate laden with spaghetti soaked in tomato sauce and sprinkled with parmesan.

So, why should you give up the pleasure?
At Pasta Eat we met even Gualtiero Marchesi, and this vouches for quality: you can either sit down at the tables and enjoy your meal or you can take it away - in any case you'll be sure you can find here the most gourmand formats, doughs and sauces in the city.
Once back home, take the pasta out of the take-away container and … get your freshly manicured hands covered with flour, put a bowl in the dish-washer … Did you make it yourself? It's delicious!

A venial sin someone shall forgive us up above.                 

Pasta Eat
Viale Premuda 44
tel 02 87084258

Milano, 13 gennaio 2012

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