A simple idea...

A simple idea which is brilliant at the same time!
It is a pastry shop which will recreate for you the ambience of the sitting room at home.

You come here for breakfast, for a brunch, for your aperitif.
For an afternoon snack it is the top choice in our opinion, when fresh smoothies are served together with very small super tasty cakes.
The room-set is glamorous but all “re-“ (watch the video on Youtube to find out where all the re-used, re-claimed and re-vamped furniture comes from making up the shop interiors).

Three hearty friends will welcome you, all sharing the same passion for the wine-and-food culture and high-quality treatment and - last but not least - they will provide you with good food, well made, mainly cakes and pastries.
This is what turns the shop into the much longed-for venue Milan has been lacking so far.

A bit Starbucks - though less standard, a bit bistrot  -  though less French, a bit pastry shop - but not Merry Wives' style.

A place you should go to: a decontracté look is recommended, together with your laptop - much better if you have your dog on the leash and your bike with you.    

via Felice Casati 27,
Tel 02 94392259

We are open:
Tu/Fri 7.30 - 19.00
Sat/Sun 8.30 - 14.30
monday closed

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