Two bros and a nice dream: mix everything well and you’ll get an amazing venue where you can enjoy a very good cooking, right in an area which can hardly provide any interesting gastronomic offer. Its name is Persè and its wide window overlooks the Arco della Pace.

Leave behind the number of small tables of the fashion bars and visit this venue one of the next evenings to have dinner in a place which is far away from the standard Milan hubbub and movida but very close to the heart and essence of good food and wine, the latter accurately selected by the sommelier brother who used to be the mainstay at Sadler for a long time, now very skilled in digging out excellent bottles which prove to be affordable as well.   

And besides dinner do yield to their offer conceived for those who – like you – love being in the open air and making the best possible use of the city parks: go there on Saturdays and Sundays and supply yourself with the picnic basket they are offering, walk a bit and smoothly lie down on the grass of Parco Sempione for a lunch break which will turn out to be relaxing and rustic though you are in Milano downtown.

Well then! Don’t you feel like a figure of the renowned impressionist picture by Monet yet?

Ristorante Persè
Via A. Bertani 16 Angolo Via Melzi D'Eril
Tel 02 39465755
Closed on Sunday at lunch time and on Mondays.

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