How often did you happen to show your foreign friends around your city to have an aperitif?
It's become a custom by now, the absolute prerequisite condition in each Milan trip made by those who are not from Milan: we Milanese people really seem to live on aperitifs and nothing else!
And please, don't dare dispute the city legend strangers won't ever wipe off their brains according to which aperitif is a top event 'in Milan': you get to the place at 7 pm and stay there until 9 pm, you eat a lot from buffet tables overwhelmed with food, and the bar is always cool, crowded with 12 cm-heeled girls fully dressed with clothes by the best fashion designers in the world (from Milan, of course!), teamed up with strapping male models driving sport cars and speaking with a strong Milanese accent.

Obviously our dilemma is now: where shall we take them?

To Pesce Ubriaco!
The raw fish-bubble is itself a city's super typical combination (as a matter of fact a further deep-rooted city legend goes that the really genuine Milanese people feed themselves exclusively on raw fish in the Japanese style … when the are not having their aperitif, of course!).
In a venue the aperitif-raw fish combination is recovered to delight your friends and to mimic the true/fake genuine Milanese people for once, in an amusing environment, eating good and fresh fish and drinking from a flute - which is a far better aperitif definitely than the many bad Mojitos you can easily find everywhere.   

Pesce Ubriaco
Via Melzo 28
tel 02 20242022

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