L'Ov Milano


Pochè, à la coque, omelette, eggs sunny-side up.
The eggs’ realm is a boundless world with no clear borders, where every one of us can find their own location according to the different tastes and sensations.
In the movie “Runaway Bride” Julia Roberts maintained that one way to know if a couple gets along really well is that of being aware of the way the partner is used to choosing his/her eggs. Not bad as a judgement criterion, isn’t it?

And what about your favourite egg?

The great fans of any type of eggs as we are, we have dug out the perfect place to test our gastronomic passion at any time of the day.
If you’re the same kind of people, you can’t but stop at this really lovable, internationally-looking venue where you will be feeling at home at once. You know we are so happy if you feel like this, don’t you? 
If you are on the lookout for this experience, please take your seat and pick up your favourite dish or snack at your full ease.
And mark down the way your partner is choosing his egg: he might have watched the film and ask you the fateful question ... 

L'Ov  Milano
Viale Premuda, 14
tel 02 36638692
Mo/Wed 8.00 - 19.00
Thu/Sun 8.00 - 24.00


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