A lab, a project, a place...

The hub is a lab, the hub is a project, the hub is a place dating from bygone days which are brought up to date.
The hub is the Lombard courtyard of our grandmothers, the large kitchen with the massive wooden table in the middle, around which the countrywomen of the nice bygone times would stay on talking to one another, after a hard work day, their hands always busy doing something.

But what would those hands be doing? Quite obvious: they would be sewing!

And that's exactly what it's being done here, all around a nice table, in an ambience where a warm creative design takes centre stage (well, definitely a nice place to stay!).
Young and high-skilled girls will make you love the refined art of sewing a button on or of hemming your trousers.

Let alone the money you save - can you just imagine how great your satisfaction will be next time you need some sewing work and you are able to do it by yourselves? It sounds like an ancient movie, is it instead the best way to really take a break, enjoying the pleasure of a nice manual work, being with friends while making something useful, terribly pleasant at the same time.
And you won't even miss your aperitif, as - if you really can't help it - you'll be served an aperitif too.

Needle and sewing thread are not your cup of tea? Well, you'll find here all you need to hand-print fabrics: you'll customise a T-shirt, a scarf, a dress in a most amusing way.              

Textile Work Shop
Ripa di Porta Ticinese 69
Tel. 02 45548183

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