LaFavia Four Rooms

Bed and Breakfast on offer

Fabio and Marco were looking for a nice place to put up their friends.
We would have simply tidied up the living room in their place, they have set up a B&B instead! driven by a definitely stronger entrepreneurial surge!

Its name is “LaFavia four Rooms” and it is a very innovative space, made out of a late XIX century restored building.
The place is comfortable, featuring an evergreen design, prices are affordable and detailing is very accurate: from lamps in the '70s style to the Orient-inspired wallpaper, from armchairs in the '50s style by Paolo Buffa to the carpets hand knotted by the Darjeeling women.

Welcome is first rate as well: bio herb teas and breakfast, bespoke bedclothes, a selection of books about art, Eastern philosophy, photography and a wonderful overview on what's best on tap in Milan.

If you are expecting no guests in the city, you might well consider going there yourselves ...!    


LaFavia Four Rooms
Via Carlo Farini 4
Tel. 347.7842212

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