MV% Ceramics Design

Atelier & Shop

Mariavera Chiari in Milan is tantamount to ceramics, and her atelier located in the most creative area in town, the Navigli, is the casket of her artistic skills. 

You will be first impressed by the colours, then by the shapes.
All is simply beautiful here, that's all.
Lines are so familiar that they seem reassuring, but the items have often got a life and a soul of their own and turn into real must-have objects.

How couldn't you help gifting your young nephew grappling with his first pap with the Giulio plate featuring the track where he can run his small red wagon?
And how can you resist the temptation of the lovely and fully coloured espresso cups or of the totally useless though wonderful silver clouds?

You'll be simply spoilt for choice, that's all.   

Alzaia Naviglio Grande 156
open every day (check on facebook for sunday)
For information on opening hours please contact:
+39 349 0679815 (Mariavera Chiari)
+39 02 47710256

Navigli area
between Canottieri Milano and Olona
MM Porta Genova + tramway  n°2  - stop at Lodovico il Moro 25


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