Re-FILL yourselves!

You only know how to recharge your mobile phone?
You only know what recycling ability is all about if the “recycler” is someone wearing for the second time one of your thousand and one clothes your wardrobe is bursting with? 

Well, you do need our help to find out a small store with a bygone-times flavour though it features a modern design concept and maintains a fully present-day way of thinking, taking care of the environmental issues too, so you soon go green.
The main principle is easy: if you give up packaging, your impact on the world will be different.
So here you go with vegetal detergents you can buy on tap.
Cleansing agents, detergents, natural soaps, dishwasher tablets, all made out of environmental-friendly ingredients, to take away in bottles you won't throw away, you'll rather refill later, faithful allies in your campaign for sustainability.
Beside the so-called on tap detergents you'll also find bijouterie which is also made out of reclaimed materials, of course!
And what about the bottles you're not any longer using? Just bring them here so that they may be given a new life … thanks to a careful recycling action.

Ever felt as green as you're feeling now? Never, let's face it! 

Via G.B. Bertini 1, angolo piazza Gramsci
Tel 340 3439133

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