A good reason to shop

 ' … this strange store whose foundations are not laid in profit-making but in the project as a whole'.

This is what you can read on the web site of Shop Saman. And that's love at first sight.

And so we go there and we are even more delighted by the nice, unusual, lovely items on tap, hiding a story and telling about far off lives and worlds.
If you buy one you'll give your contribution to support the mission this store was founded for: the reception in flats of “Abused Women” , both Italian and foreigners, who are offered to live for a certain period of time in four apartments located in the city of Milan.

Also a domiciliary support is offered, and, when necessary, individual rehabilitation courses and family counselling.
And this is possible by simply doing some shopping!

Tablecloths, garments, jewels, artworks, but also bags, dishes and glasses, all featuring a personal twist which makes them unique.
You can't possibly refuse to drop in now and then, can you? You'll do good to you and to all of us.          

Shop Saman
via Galvano Fiamma, 5
tel. 02 87 23 70 44

Open from Tuesday to Saturday
10 to 14 and 15 to 19

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