For a total-look design baby

It's all in the name: Bodibù!
And as a matter of fact what we have found out on the net (but please notice: birthplace Milan!) is an idea cracking a gift problem just the way the magic wand of Cinderella's fairy would do.

A baby is born, and you are once again lacking nice ideas for a present.

Who knows how often you have felt that puzzled, no ideas and above all no time to go shopping for something nice though not excessive, a lovely object to give as a present but useful as well, something wowing the mother-to-be but that can be soon used, just after unwrapping.
Here you are, Bodibù! We have dug it out!
The real ok-for-any-occasion present you can order in exactly 4 minutes (we have just tested it for Camilla's birth!) and which is nice, safe, very useful, ultimate design.

Yes, because the body is made from organic cotton grown on no genetically modified plants, without using synthesis chemical products.
As no chemical matters are employed, the fabric is hundred per cent natural, it feels so smooth, it's more resistant in time, and it also lets the baby's skin breathe properly.

The white coloured fabric is obtained by using a peroxide, thus excluding the use of bleaching and whitening agents.
The way the body is manufactured is also accurate: the body won't be slipped on the delicate baby's head, it'll be put on like a real baby sweater.

And further to that, Bodibù offers a lovely small bag, pink or light blue depending on, and a nice card to celebrate the happy event.
And all will be delivered to your house or to your office within 3 working days.
Just in time to make all necessary arrangements to visit the neo-mom and the neo-baby, your magic wand in your hand!   


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