KidsArtTourism: KAT

To the museum? My child is taking me to!

The school is over.
And now? The dilemma is not of the slightest, and the summer weeks risk turning into a real ordeal skipping from grandparents to summer camps, parish youth clubs and eventually to swimming pools.
But someone it there to help providing you with a top level cultural solution: we are speaking about KAT,, the new bilingual website, the brainchild of Elisa's brilliant mind, a mom and an architect.

The web site is a collection of all the proposals that the different museums target at kids, of the tours devised for kids only, labs and cultural workshops aiming at allowing younger generations too to “live” art in a playful manner, so that they can develop into curious and keen grown-ups.

KAT gives you the possibility of finding innovative and inspiring ideas every day so that your children and your grandchildren can get closer to the aesthetic experience and to the study of the history of Italy in a way which is all but compulsory.
And further to that a lot of suggestions, games and themed quizzes, notices and reviews about labs and trails devised on purpose for the younger by the Italian cultural institutions.

Because the Museum, if you watch it through a kid's eyes, could turn out to be a funnier experience for you too!

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