Cool down baby!

Odd enough that we have to resort to unusual places just in our times, even spending some money and covering quite long distances to have a break and to really relax, isn't it?
This is something weird in our times! What our grannies used to do in the house garden, we are forced now to get in prestigious spas, wasting out our money (the luckiest of us will use the credit card of their boyfriend in turn) and fixing a date with our relax.
And what if on that same day you do not feel like relaxing but being a bit crazy and having fun with your friends?
No way: you will be forced to sleep, read, have massage sessions and at the very best half-swim in either warm or cold pools according to the stage of the Kneipp trail you will be following (be assured, the Kneipp trail won't ever be missing, even if no one of us has ever really grasped what it is all about, where it begins and ends and above all what it's all for!)  

Well, if you have decided that your must is eventually relaxing from the excessive stress you have been subject to / you have subjected yourselves to, here is the perfect place for you.

Quite close to Milan, but not too close, decorated with accuracy and refinement, affordable to everyone, why not?, if you give up eating for a couple of weeks, definitely accessible and not so strict as a South Tyrol sauna you can only have showing unknown people your nakedness and keeping silent all the time while the treatment is going on (a condition we cannot accept as women-beings!).

At the Hotel Milano, so beautifully located midst in the Bergamo mountains, in the small village of Bratto, you'll curl up in design rooms enjoying a wonderful view, and you'll have yourself carried into the nice spa in your white bathrobe, lingering first in the warm aromatic water pool, and your relax will have no limits.     

And what about dinner? After moving so healthily you won't really miss the Savoyard menu featuring salami, raclette, hot plate meat and dessert in the cosy and warm welcoming dining room by candlelight, will you?   

Hotel Milano
Via S.Pellico, 3
Bratto, Castione della Presolana (BG)
Tel. 0346 31211


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