Whet your taste buds!

A gate and a passage full of plants and candles herald a venue where ambience is great, where you can eat, do some deli-and-wine shopping and not only that.

You can also meet some friends there and feel like you were at home. Papille (taste buds) is all that, what a pity it is located in Turin!

Though, if a day trip is on your schedule, between a visit to the amazing Pictures Museum and a stroll through the Valentino park, your day off can't but either start or stop here.

Valentina's skills are time-tested and her taste too, what both food and welcome are concerned, and, together with two partners, she has created a dream place, where you can have a high time throughout the day, because, from breakfast onwards, you can always feel good.
The food, accurately made and pleasantly cooked, is only at the cutting edge of a venue we could term a concept restaurant.

We fell in love with the veranda, but also the rooms on the upper store are worth a visit for the light-heartedness they are able to convey.
You can't leave the place without taking up the terrific blocks, coloured in pink and embellished with small flowers.
You won't even dare use them as they are so lovely, but they are really wish objects and a perfect present for your coolest friends.    

Foto di Le Papille - Cucina e Bottega, Torino
Questa foto di Le Papille - Cucina e Bottega è offerta da TripAdvisor.

Le Papille
Via Principi D'Acaja 37

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