The cow at your place!

Meat. And yoghurt, milk, cheese as well. Some ice cream in the hot season too.
An all this directly at your place, with no need for intermediaries.
Without any quarrelling for parking and buying standardized supermarket stuff.

Is it really likely to be?
Of course it is.
It is a piece of magic of the Jersey Farms.
It is only enough to book on line all that you need and you'll be delivered home top quality ingredients and raw materials  to be used at once if your family is a big one or to be later shared with friends if you are single.
You can certainly tell the others that you were yourself to a farm on the town skirt and accurately selected each single cut of meat, that you saw the cows which donated their milk and you helped the farmer with making this most delicious toma cheese. 
An all this happened without ever taking off  your 12 cm high heeled court shoes.
We won't tell anyone ...

P.S.: You can do the same with fruits and vegetables, you know?
Try good-being, your meals will taste differently!

Cascina Graziosa

28060 Casalino (NO)
Tel. 0321 879117
cell 338 4513435

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