No trick, no cheat

When it comes to churches, you can hardly take your pick in Milan as all over our country.
When a friend of yours comes from abroad for a visit, you have to show her/him around Duomo, Sant'Ambrogio, up to San Lorenzo maybe if you feel like it (while you are already on the Navigli and are swallowing up your aperitivo), or you can get even as far as San Marco (and join there the chic movida of the most classic Brera).  
Just in case you should feel like it, before enjoying a look on the Duomo spires from the breathtaking view of the seventh floor of Rinascente or from the bitstrot of the Museo del Novecento, well, in case you should feel like unveiling a mystery, San Satiro is the right place to be.
Yes, because something here looks different from what it really is ... we are in the very core of downtown, where the city's heart is beating, and where all streets leading to Duomo meet together.
The church is somewhat hidden from view, but you can spot it at once on your left, hidden in a recess,  if you come from the square and go straight on along Via Torino. 
Everything looks familiar from outside, but once you are in ... look at the apse.
Look at it again, carefully. Let your eyes get gradually used to the typical darkness of this kind of places before uttering any guess whatever. Get closer to it, slowly, never stop watching. They call it "Bramante's" perspective.

It is simply a work of magic for us...

Via Torino 17/19

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