The trousers psychodrama

If skinny they emphasise your not-sculptured-enough body (in case they should come up your ankles).
If full and loose-fitting and you'd  look like a Snow White's dwarf  (and hemming your trousers will be even more expensive).
If odd and bright coloured they are perfect if you want to look like Cinderella's step-sister (or one of Sarah Ferguson's daughters).
What about leggings: Never! They only suit models (and they aren't possibly any longer à la page on them too).
And what about jeans?
Well, I don't know what happens to you, but, each time I try on a pair, I feel so depressed that I rush and eat a bar of chocolate to recover from my ruined self-esteem.

There is nothing left to do but get over it and set out to Carla Saibene's: it is the only shop in the world where every woman can find her perfect trousers which make her look nicer, slimmer and longer-legged!

We are serious, please try (on your trousers) and believe!

Via San Maurilio 20
Tel 02 874008

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