A gorgeus sunny day

Suppose it is a gorgeous sunny day ('Suppose' I said, quite a rare event indeed recently ...)
Suppose you have a day off or that nice weather and week-end miraculously and only once fall on the same day (come on! it is of course going to happen, if only out of sheer statistics!).

What about a nice city picnic?
You simply decide on day and time, and Calù will take care of all the rest.
Cous cous, sandwiches, a glass of wine and some cakes, everything duly packed for your take-away and Bob's your uncle!
And all that a stone's throw from Parco Sempione. Want to be really à la page? 
You just take your wicker basket from home.  Needless to say which the suitable wear shall be ...
Well, I'll tell you all the same: capri trousers (coloured enough not to get too dirty through grass), a short somewhat  tight sports shirt, your hair done up, coloured pumps and a pair of sun glasses in the JakieK's fashion.
Want to wear a foulard?
Well, don't go too far! We are still in Milan.

Via Cesariano 8
20154, Milano
tel +39 02 87234833

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