I wonder how many of you are vegetarians and how many are thinking about going vegetarians.

Regardless of your dietary habits, whether they are green or not, the Bistrot of Joia Restaurant is really worth a visit, and you'll enjoy that.
Haute-cuisine restaurants (this is more frequent abroad than in Italy, but the trend is catching on stronger and stronger in Italy too) usually have got a small low-cost food corner.
Sometimes it is even an additional room where plainer and cheaper courses are on tap, or - as this is the case - they arrange some tables in the main restaurant hall, offering a limited menu featuring low-budget dishes.

Pietro Leemann
, Swiss-born though adoptive Milanese, is the chef who has developed the veg philosophy inside haute-cuisine to the farthest extent in his field, and even his cheap version food will wow you and let you taste unusual peculiar dishes.
Pick up one of the tables overlooking the nice and lively kitchen where the chef's large team will be making for you the 'cubes' dishes: 6, 9 or 12 microportions from the whole gamut of their specialities to be blindly tasted, trying to guess which ingredients have been used in the recipe.
You won't tell them correctly in most of the cases, but you'll definitely treat yourself to an off-the-grid gastronomic evening at an unusually low price.              

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18 
Tel. 02 2952 2124

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