Back in time

A deeply felt need to go back to youth when the sky used to be a mantle of stars and the sea would wash in the background? 
Did you also spend your holidays as a teen-ager on the most exploited Ligurian riviera? 
If your are haunted by the memory of your love of the time (what will have happened to him?)  and of your friends hanging about on the small town square, just try to get closer to the past by tasting no-stop stuffed anchovies, minestrone, rabbit, a most delicious focaccia and the more traditional pansoti with a walnut sauce.

A wasp on the shelf, a box-shaped TV set showing Peppone and Don Camillo films, the bowling green and the small veranda: it is not a journey back in time ...  it is u barba, a typical Ligurian eatery a stone's throw from Porta Romana.
The sea is not there, your sweetheart isn't there either, but you won't be disappointed by that last holiday evening's feeling - before coming back to Milan.

P.S.: Do not forget bowls!

From Monday to Saturday, lunch and dinner time
Via Decembrio 33
20137 Milano
tel. + 39 02 45487302

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