Tea party at my place

Always You have been her guest a dozen times,  you have tried many times to slip away from the issue, but now it is high time you faced the hideous matter: it is your turn to invite her to your place. Her, her husband,  her single friend with her new love and his sister, accompanied by her nagging husband. To dinner? Never. To brunch? Too intimate.

You'd better arrange a formal - even not too formal - 5 o'clock tea party.

But who on earth has got a tea set worth the newly appointed Princess Kate?
Who can ever boast about having more modern and creative cups and teapots than the horrible "fine set", a terrible remnant of your wedding list?

You should now find prompt remedy in the extremely pleasant Licia Martelli's atelier, hidden enough to turn your tea party into a fully personal success.

Licia Martelli Architetto
Via Guerzoni 39
20158 Milano
Tel 02 69901136

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