MilanoSecrets are committed to protecting your privacy and to developing new technologies to provide you with new online experiences, which will be safer and safer and more and more interesting. Pursuant to Art. 13 Leg. Decr. 196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code for people and other entities”, please be informed as follows:

Collection of Personal Data

MilanoSecrets gather personal data such as your email address and your name. Also those data are collected pertaining to your PC and the software you are using. This last information is comprised of: your IP address, the kind of browser you are using, the domain name, log-in time and the site your work from. MilanoSecrets collect these data to provide their service and to draw up some statistics about the general use of their web site.

Use of personal data

MilanoSecrets gather and use your personal data for the purposes as provided for in their own web site, MilanoSecrets.  MilanoSecrets will by no means sell or transfer these data to third parties.

Removal from the recorded users file

The user shall have anytime the right to be removed from the file of the recorded users, and this can occur completely freely. Once logged-in on the MilanoSecrets web site, the function “Unregister” can be found on the Newsletter-Subscription page or on the Newsletter page itself. As by pressing this button your entire collection of personal data will be erased, it won’t be possible for us to send you an email to confirm that the removal has been successful.

Security of your personal data

MilanoSecrets shall prevent any unauthorised access to your data. MilanoSecrets shall make it sure that your personal data are properly and safely kept and stored, and that no unauthorised access shall be allowed.

Changes in the Privacy Protection Code

MilanoSecrets can occasionally change these Privacy Notes to meet either the company’s or the users’ requests for amendments. MilanoSecrets kindly ask you to have a look at these notes at regular intervals to keep up to date with the way MilanoSecrets are protecting your personal data.


MilanoSecrets will welcome any comments from your side on the Privacy Protection. If you think that MilanoSecrets are not respecting the provisions provided for in the present notes, please feel free to contact MilanoSecrets at the following email address:

We’ll do our best to settle the problem immediately.