A dream come true

At last you got him to invite you for dinner at his place.
Sounds really exciting, and you want your raid to be launched faultlessly.
But then, that's the hitch: he resolves to make dinner for you and asks you to take wine.

Don't panic, this is one of the reasons why you enrolled in MilanoSecrets.

We have found out a wine bar which is really a gem.
Beside the most peculiar and interesting Italian wines you can also find there the specs cards which will turn you in an expert  in just a flash, now able to provide a man with all the knowledge needed about cask ageing, tannin, tonneau and barrique.

For Maddalena and Giuanluca the dream came true few months ago, and they have set up a venue which is a true platform to live by wine, telling and explaining all the anecdotes intimately related to the bottles coming from many small manufacturers waiting for you too to be discovered and appreciated.

Just in case you should like to take a book to your boyfriend in addition to some good wine, here you go with a selection of themed headlines you can pick up your favourite from.

No boyfriend? or else you have a boyfriend but he does not cook for you?

A good bottle of wine is the perfect ally to be shared with those you love most and, you can tell a nice story too!
And this is definitely the best place to find out the right one, be sure!         

Ripa di Porta Ticinese 93b,
Tel 02 39811202

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