A holiday in itself

Climbing boots, trekking sticks, rucksack and … off you walk!
No, we do not mean the holiday schedule of your teenage child, busy arranging his/her  Interrail travel.
It is yours.

You are not really going to spend your summer time lying on a beach, basking in the sun on a standard Greek small island, are you? (by the way, considering that the Finns are going to take Parthenon to Helsinki, it is not any longer chic).  

You are not an addicted mountain-fan, considering only nature and relaxing trekking tours in the heights for his/her Summer holidays, are you?  

You're are not thinking about flying once again towards exotic destinations to discover the culture of far off peoples, are you?

No, forget all this.

Summer 2011 is all focused on something new, the 'Walking Soul', inspired by the deep personal experience which Carla de Bernardi has intended to share with the rest of the world through her book 'Contare i passi' ('Counting your steps').

In the pages of this heart-felt travel journal we can find all the practical suggestions and the philosophical meaning we need to set off for the Santiago Track, a 800 kilometers long route to walk along from the Pyrenees to the Ocean together with thousands of pilgrims, either believers or not.
If you want to stay in Italy, then you can follow the paths of San Francesco, still escorted by Carla's words to be read in 'Tutte le strade portano ad Assisi' ('All roads lead to Assisi').
Strong and not-to-be-missed experiences which the less adventurous guys among us can simply only figure out to have - thanks to the books by Carla.
'(…) and the real travel, the unique and secret one, is the one unveiling the hidden part of oneself to everyone of us. All shall be different from then on'.

Carla de Bernardi

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