LA FINESTRA SUL FIUME (Window on the river)

A relaxing break full of romance

The seaside is too crowded, an awful line on the way to the lakeside, mountain hiking is too tiresome and cities are too polluted.
Late Spring week ends are black holes to proudly fly away from, with no regret to miss the usual Saturday shopping tour and the Sunday family lunch.

Why then not try a week end on the riverside?
A bit French, very English, with a Tuscany twist which is top cool: definitely an idea worth the old nobility.

The window on the river is the magic place which is perfect for you: the best choice for a couple, wonderful to be shared with friends. 
The scenery dates back to ancient times: a country cottage with green meadows all around, weeping willow trees, the quietly flowing river and the clear air to be breathed deeply.
What else?
Your good book, a fresh lemonade and a slice of your favourite cake.

You'd like to book, wouldn't you?

Vicolo Corte Sega 2
37067 Valeggio sul Mincio - Verona
Tel 045 7950556

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