Alice house

Home sweet (out of) home

Milan isn’t very welcoming, you know that, all the more on these days, when the colour grey is by far the prevailing shade in our colour palette, and either casual visitors or regular commuters feel alone in a city which certainly does not keep you company.
Hotels are often the only chance available, but the warm home ambience you need to feel at ease in a city which is not the place where you were born and where you live is not to be found there.
How often did you happen to have colleagues or friends as guests in your city and not to have the faintest idea on how to accomodate them for the night?
The average Milan house is not big enough, no doubt on it.
Top-range hotels are very expensive, sometimes even unfriendly because their strong design-oriented decor makes them rather neutral than warm-welcoming, unless you  are lucky enough to find accommodation during such hot periods as the fashion week or the much-awaited Salone del Mobile
Three-star hotels or lower range ones can be hardly trusted: some could be also nice, but many are most likely to bitterly disappoint the expectations of young people who’ve come here to try their luck.

So what?

The best choice is then a place which is very similar to home without all the cons of a household management … the apartment hotel!
You want to know which ones can be tried out? 
Our favourite is La casa di Alice: our Alice must really have a refined taste and has managed to create a fresh, well-lit, lovely structure located in an area comfortably close to downtown and at the same time discreet and quiet for the guests, at a stone’s throw from Piazza Cinque Giornate.

Movida fans will pick out the well-kept and sophisticated Brera Apartments or the more pop Navigli Apartments: both offer a high quality welcome service and a design decor, and you won’t have simply a bedroom at your disposal but a real house instead.
You feel like staying in a calm and relaxing place in a residential area?
This solution is also on tap, at Tara Verde, a bohémien-style B&B with a Tibetan twist not far from the Fiera grounds.
Almost a pity you are a Milanese: you won’t enjoy staying there yourself, but only ‘by proxy’!

La Casa di Alice

Via Fiamma 40
Tel 02 70123253

Brera Apartments
Via San Fermo 1
Tel 346 3156333

Navigli Apartments

Tara Verde
Via Delleani 22
Tel 02 36534959