May: it’s high time we looked to the much-awaited holidays!

If you book now, you’ll be able to get the best accommodation, your beloved one, at the best price and you won’t risk the final rush desperately looking for a place in the sun (or in the shadow, depending on our disposition and on the weather forecast).

Here you go with a selection – in the MilanoSecrets fashion – of the places we love most in the world: we’ll get there sooner or later!
But for now we are content with dreaming of and sharing them with you.
Who knows? We might meet there some time in the future …

ps: please forgive the predominance of French locations but … you know we have a thing about them!   

Masseria Torre Abate Risi

Casa Talia a Modica

House to let in Italy ( Marche):

Charming Hotel in Burano

Hotel in Norway:

Maison d’hote in Provenza:

House to let in Provenza:

Hotel in  Honfleur (Normandia)

AVillas and Castle in France

Hotel Case Latine

House boat in France

Tree house – Francia

House in Maillorca:

Tree house in Sweden

Olanda – Amsterdam
Breaks & Butlers

World’s river

Bed & Breakfast in  Cape Town: